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The locality, in spite of not being an island proper, was baptized with this name by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, when seeing a black rock in the sea, near his house located in front of the ocean. This house, known as Casa de Isla Negra, is currently a museum managed by the Neruda Foundation, where the remains of the poet lie along with those of his wife Matilde.

"The sea seemed cleaner to me than the earth, so I came to live on the coast of my country among the great foams of Isla Negra".

Pablo Neruda and the House of Isla Negra

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Pablo Neruda settled in this area when he returned from one of his many trips abroad, in 1937, in search of an ideal place to write his famous book Canto General. The site was purchased in 1938 from a former Spanish navigator who landed in the area after the sinking of his ship in Punta Arenas. Inside the place was a small stone house, which became the angular home of what would be the artist's great refuge.


It includes:

  • Transport.

  • Guided tour through the historic center of Valparaíso, (Plaza Sotomayor and Paseo 21 de Mayo), coastal edge of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, as well as a visit from the exterior of Pablo Neruda's house museum La Sebastiana.


Does not include:

  • Lunch.

  • Pablo Neruda Isla Negra house museum tour (optional)


Duration Tour: 10 hours

Value: 38,000 CLP regular tour per person.