The Safari Park is a zoo located in the commune of Rancagua, Chile, on the way to Doñihue 90 km from Santiago. A safari park, sometimes referred to as a wildlife park, is a commercial tourist attraction similar to a zoo, where visitors can drive their own vehicles or travel in vehicles provided by the facilities to freely observe stray animals. Safari Exhibition, Big Felines, Herbivorous Safari, Safari Dinosaurs, Herpetary and more.

It includes:

  • Transport 

  • Tour guide

  • General Post


The general entrance gives you access to a beautiful park with lagoons, wild birds and farm that live loose which you can feed. You will also see some exhibitors of animals that have been rescued or seized by the authorities and access to the viewpoints to observe from the outside the animals that inhabit the Safaris.

*Within this Park there are many activities besides the safaris that are paid separately.


Value: 28,000 CLP per person


Reservations and information

     (+56 9) 42715657


Monday to Sunday 7.00 hrs. - 22.00 hrs. (Santiago time)



Diagonal Paraguay #437,

Floor 4, 4D office,

Santiago Centro

Santiago, Chile